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Family Mediation Services in Darwen

Need a family mediator in Darwin Impartial and professional – look no further - Mediation Darwen

Just Divorce Mediation supports families through change involving divorce, family separation and other family-related problems.

We have an excellent team of mediators that have a variety of professional backgrounds that assist in building the wealth of ideas, skills and experience required in this line of work.

As such, we are able to state that our experts are accredited by the relevant authorities including the Family Mediation Council and Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings.

We are also certified to carry out both private and public funded mediation. You may also be interested in the fact that our family worker is fully qualified.

Confidentiality really matters in our line of work and you can be sure that we do not pass on any information regarding our clients without their consent.

Nonetheless, in case there are significant concerns regarding the welfare of children or adults, we will be in a position to contact the appropriate agencies.

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Why Choose Just Divorce Mediation Darwen

Why Use Family Mediation?

Resolving conflict for couples in Darwen

Our mandate is mainly driven to provide advice regarding what would come next if our clients choose any of our services.

As such, we table all the relevant solutions so that our clients can make a sober decision. It is always within our abilities to provide a safe forum for children in cases where they are involved so that both parties are able to understand their children’s side of the story.

Divorce, separations and ending civil partnerships always come with other factors like finance, property and child custody.

In line with this, we are able to sufficiently provide information regarding the solutions in play. At Just Divorce Mediation, we take it upon ourselves to explain to our clients the difference between our services and that of the legal court process.

This ensures they have a proper understanding of what is at stake and how we handle things.

Our expertise in following the code of practice and only engaging experts that have experience and highly qualified in this line of work have made things quite easy for most clients.

All members of our Family mediation team are professionally accredited (FMCA) through the Household Mediation Council.

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The condition of my family went really out of control. But then Just Divorce Mediation came in my life who served as a helping hand. The mediators resolved all my issues and my life was back on track.