Kids off School Who Looks After Them?

Kids off School Who Looks After Them?

Parents with school-going children have to rise to the duty of ensuring these kids are taken care of while in school and at home. However, not many parents have the time to join their children at home when not in school. It gets even more complicated if these kids come from a family where parents are separated through a divorce. In such scenarios, it is advisable to look for a solution that would ensure that the children are taken care of. Here are a few suggestions that could help to take care of kids off school.

After-school nanny

One of the best solutions you have that could help to ensure children are taken care of when not in school is hiring an after-school nanny. This is someone who is responsible for picking up the kids from school and seeing that they arrive home safely. The nanny should also take care of all dietary needs of the child and in some cases will help the kid complete homework. Some nannies will also plan activities to ensure your kids don’t get subjected to a monotonous routine. You could also make an arrangement for some housekeeping when you are away.

Enrichment programs

You may also consider an after-school enrichment program for your kids. Most such programs include tutoring in some subjects, and your kids will also participate in arts or crafts. These programs can be found locally at zoos, children’s museums, tutoring centers, and recreational centers. This will not only ensure your kids are watched over, but will also give them an educational benefit where they are able to learn a few things about nature. There are many things to keep them engaged and this is good as they will not have to keep thinking about their parents who are most of the time not present.

Rely on family

If your family is big and you have relatives around who are willing to help you with the kids, you can talk to one of them to stay with your kids when you are not around. Families with grandparents have a better solution as most of the time they have no other duties apart from hanging around with the kids. Many of them find joy in staying with children. One benefit of choosing to leave kids with relatives is that your relatives are familiar with the children and your kids also feel at home when around someone they know well.

Join a childcare cooperative

This is a group created by parents or neighbors within a community. They agree to provide cooperative childcare, and in most cases, no money is required to keep the groups function as the parents will ask for care when needed, and they take care of the children of other members in return when their turn comes.

Your children are your duty and you should always ensure they are provided for and taken care of adequately. If you are in a situation where you just went through a divorce, you need to understand that both parents have a duty to care for the kids, and this includes deciding who should look after them when off school.

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