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Child, financial and resolution experts in Manchester

You can trust that we have the professional accreditation that you would expect from the premier mediation service. We participate in regular training and mentoring sessions to make sure that the mediation you receive is of the best standard in the field.

Our mediators are professional experts in their dealings with you as a client. At the beginning of the mediation procedure they will take the time to carry out meetings with each party in the divorce. This has the specific intent of working out whether mediation is the correct procedure to follow. In most cases it is, but the mediator will also be concerned with the type of mediation that suits you best in terms of times of meetings, other parties involved and the issues that you wish to consider.

The beauty of mediation is that it is a process that does not take sides either way. The mediator is not there to decide which party is right but to help you to arrive at a written agreement that both parties can mutually agree upon. There are no right answers in mediation, but it is a bespoke service that helps both partners to arrive at a considered, written, statement. The mediator is your experienced guide in this process.

At JUST DIVORCE FAMILY MEDIATION MANCHESTER we are clear about our costs and our service. You will find that you can make appointments at times that suit you, and your professional and family arrangements. Our pricing is competitive and much more reasonable than legal fees and charges. There are no hidden charges and costs, and you will find that you can make mediation meetings at times that will fit in with your needs in most cases.

This is why family mediators are the first choice for your divorce mediation.

Mediators are not counsellors or therapists. They will not be able to help you with the emotional, or relationship issues, involved in a divorce.

However, we are trained professionals who are experienced in resolving issues between couples

A mediator is like a good referee at a football match. It is their job to be impartial and not to take one side or another. The purposes of mediation are to achieve an agreement between a divorcing couple which covers the major areas of dispute between them, particularly as this relates to issues involving children or finances.

This can be either a short, or lengthy, process dependent upon the extent of the issues between the separating couples and their willingness to resolve them. As we enter your area in Manchester, we are willing to provide you even better services at easy prices.