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Get Support and Best Advice According to Affordability

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Options when separating or Divorcing

If you are not able to solve the family cases or any other cases through mediation, then a McKenzie friend can help you in solving the cases with the cheaper fees.

To hire a solicitor becomes difficult and costly for a person generally for any case.

You can also represent yourself in the court but it becomes better when you have someone who can advise you on the important issues in the court.

It makes less stressful and all the decisions can be made by you.

The decisions become much better when you get an advice on the important facts of your case by keeping aside your emotions.

It is very important for you to distinguish between the facts and the emotions and it becomes possible with the McKenzie friend.

These are the people who help you in taking quick decisions by laying emphasis on the important facts related to the case.

The litigant can also keep their claims in front of the judge which is very important.

You have to hire a professional McKenzie friend who charges a small fee which is much cheaper than a fee charged by the lawyer.

It is very cost effective as you can hire according to the affordability and you will not have to spend a lot to hire a McKenzie friend.

They are much cheaper than the lawyer. They also have the experience of the various cases which they have faced earlier.

This can really provide a good support to the litigant in the legal proceedings.


Before you hire any McKenzie friend you must also know the hindrances which you may face and must be ready for that as well.

Their services are not regulated as it depends on their experience how they will they perform their services.

Sometimes, it may happen that the advice may turn out to be poor which may not be beneficial for your legal case.

This will not help the litigant in the case. You need to be wary while hiring other McKenzie friends who will support you throughout the case.

So you must carefully hire the professional McKenzie friend as some also take the advantage of those who are not in the situation of hiring the lawyer.

As by this the litigant can be successful in hiring the cheapest McKenzie friend but not the one who will provide the best advice.

You must check that they do not take any advantage of yours as you have to pay to them.

The best thing which a McKenzie friend offers is the best advice for the case and the moral support to the litigant.

There are different categories in this as some are professional and some are those having some personal experience.

The litigant is charged accordingly and they need to carefully check before they hire as the McKenzie friend can be good or bad.

When a good McKenzie friend advises the litigant, it gives encouragement to them in the case.

A poor advice can be great losses to the litigant as the case are also crucial sometimes. Their advice can mean a lot to them when they provide the best advice that has experienced this earlier.

Family disputes can also solve with the mediation. So it’s upon the litigant how one wants to get their case solved by paying according to the affordability and getting the best advice from McKenzie friend in the case.

Even the courts can make the decisions quickly when they are provided with facts and thus becomes easy for you to handle everything too.

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