Mediation Matters in Family Disputes

Family Matters When Doing Mediation:

The Family Mediation week was started on January 11, 2016, to mark the beginning of spreading information about family mediation and how it helps people. The motive behind this event was to inform, connect people and emphasize on the benefits of meditation in family disputes. This initiative was planned because there are a lot of couples who are experiencing breakdowns in relationships and are not able to live their lives happily. Some couples are stuck with fighting battles in court for the welfare of keeping their children safe and planning a good future for them.

Family Mediation Week was the initiative of the Ministry of Justice and other professionals and organizations who have been working in the field of mediation. Mediation is the best way for couples to decide their own future. They are given the authority to thinking about their future. The FMA is looking forward to helping such kinds of couples all over the globe by increasing awareness about this issue and bringing together individuals who can contribute towards helping them.

The Family Mediation week focused on 5 themes which were as follows

  1. Resolving the conflicts
  2. Financial sense
  3. Parenting together
  4.  Children’s voices
  5. Mediation works

A lot of articles and blogs are available on the internet for helping couples who are facing a difficult period in their relationships. All this information was made available on the internet to make sure that a greater level of understanding is developed about what mediation has to offer and how can it help. But there are some people who consider mediation as an unattractive option. They think that the mediator might betray by taking the side of one party. Since this cannot happen in any court, they think that family mediation is the best option for them. Some people feel that their situation is too complex for a mediator to handle and only the court can take care of their issue.

But this is all wrong. The main benefit of mediation is that it helps in avoiding the situation of going to the court. The parties can solve their matters at the place of their choice. There is less stress and you don’t have to worry too much about your matter getting solved. The process is much faster in comparison to the time taken by legal proceedings. Though the working of the legal system is top-notch, there are a lot of cases of such couples who want to resolve their matters by taking them to the court. This is why it is best to take the help of a family mediator. Mediation leaves the parties in control of their situation. Their decisions are not controlled by any other external forces and they have the right to think for themselves and their future.

Mediation offers a protected environment where your information will not be disclosed to anyone who is unknown to you. You don’t have to worry about safety and security at all.

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