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When dealing with any kind of upset after divorce you may find you are unable to communicate with your ex partner.

Are you unable to reach a settlement?

No idea where you stand on who should have what?

Cannot decide when the children should see each parent?

Just Divorce Mediation can help. We will settle your case out of court – quickly and cost effectively.

Mediation The Perfect Starting Point

Safe Space To Communicate

Just Divorce Mediation provide many alternatives for your dispute.
Online mediation to allow no need for travel - perhaps shuttle mediation so you don't have to see each other to avoid arguments? Parental plans so you can see your children regularly? We can help NOW

Cost Effective Solution

Just Divorce Mediation Services have a quick turnaround time and can save you thousands compared to solicitors and court
It is important to remember that mediation is conducted on a without prejudice and most people do not have anything to lose by giving it a go.

How Does...
Just Divorce Mediation Work?

Nobody can advise you at the outset how many mediation sessions will be required as this specific to each case.

However, in the first meeting, the number and depth of the issues will become clear and any necessary further mediation sessions can be discussed during the meeting.

Funding can also be discussed at the initial meeting. After introductions, generally, the mediator will allow each party to tell their side of the story uninterrupted. See our fees.

The mediator will then enter into a discussion asking open-ended questions and will try to find goals which both parties strive to achieve.

The mediator will try to ascertain the problems between the parties and will look to agreeing on a sensible way forward.


“We settled outside of court - quickly and without the need to sit down together. Shuttle mediation was the way forward! ”

G. Rogers

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