Shuttle Mediation Is The Perfect Option When Couples Can't Be In The Same Room Together.

Knowing How The Process Of Shuttle Mediation

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Knowing How The Process Of Shuttle Mediation

Shuttle mediation is the process whereby mediators try to assist people involved in a certain conflict to come to an agreement without them going to the mediation meeting.

Shuttle mediation is very important as it provides the persons that were previously involved in a conflict to work together as well as to achieve mutual benefits.

This kind of meditation can be done in two ways that include the following.


shuttle mediation

The mediation process is usually set up such that the people are involved in the process simultaneously by being present via communication devices.

The mediators usually make a series of contacts with each side for a certain period of time, maybe by visiting each party in SEPARATE ROOMS

However, for shuttle mediation to be a success, the parties ought to meet.

Research has shown that this kind of mediation is more effective if the parties meet than when they do not meet.

The mediators help the involved parties to think about possible alternative solutions.

They also assist them to outline their options as well as how they should look to the future. By assisting the parties to look to the future, they can clearly define what they want to see and the change they want.

Therefore, they can accept that the other party has listened, changed their behaviour as well as accommodating the needs of everyone.

It is very important to remember that the mediators do not take sides and therefore they do not have a capacity to force either party to accept the demands given by the other party.

If the parties involved in the conflict are neighbours of each other, they can just remain in their homes, while the mediators go back and forth between them till they are able to solve the conflict.

Shuttle mediation may take place in some neutral place such as different rooms in a certain hotel, offices or in community centres.

If shuttle mediation does not work it out, you may decide to have an alternative.


Shuttle mediation means a resolution can be reached without having to be in the same room as each other.

The mediators speak on behalf of disputants during the joint meeting and go between so each person following the same process. This can be done face to face mediation or online mediation via separate zoom rooms. 

Shuttle mediation is the best way for two parties to feel comfortable discussing financial issues, and more for dispute resolution. Legal aid might be available to you as well. Contact us now to find out more.

This is a useful alternative, especially if the people involved are nervous or if they are not comfortable speaking their problems by themselves.

If such happens, the best thing to do would go for an advocate to represent you.

Other parties like to conduct a joint mediation session through webcams but from different rooms or venues within a building.

Another option available includes the family mediation that gives you a solution where you control decision making.

The Just Divorce mediators are experienced and professionally qualified.

To find workable solutions, the mediator may get into the discussion and ask some open-ended questions.

The mediator does this in a quest to find goals which the people involved will strive to achieve.

The mediator then tries to ascertain what is causing the problem between the parties and looks for an agreement.

The aim of the mediator is to find a lasting solution to the parties involved in the conflict.

The above information is how to shuttle mediation works.

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