Mediation Information And Assessment Meeting


Mediation Information And Assessment Meeting

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In the event of a divorce, separation or any type of family break-up, there are many issues which have to be settled. See our fees

Both parties need to come to an agreement about finances, property distribution and custody of minors.

break up or divorce is hard enough as it is, but when these kinds of  conflicts take centre stage, it can leave a really negative effect on family relationships as well as the psyche of the minors involved.

This is why many families opt for family mediation rather than going in for a legal intervention.


What Is A MIAM

A MIAM, as mentioned above, is a court-mandated mediation session in which all parties have to participate. The only exceptions case are situations where domestic abuse, bankruptcy and/or child abuse or negligence are involved, in which case the session is not mandatory and the case can go straight to court. We at Just Divorce Mediation offer top-notch mediation services by trained professionals who know exactly how to create a calm environment for discussion and resolution.

A MIAM is a relatively low cost but low income families can also avail of these services for free. It starts with an initial assessment meeting where the mediator, a neutral, third-party professional trained to mediate family conflicts, listens to the various issues involved and decides whether mediation would be of help. They also determine, based on the wishes of the parties, whether or not joint sessions would be more helpful than separate sessions.

Following this initial meeting, the mediator hosts a series of meetings, either joint or separate, where each party states their issues. The aim is to effect a reconciliation or resolution, by arriving at a compromise or decision which is mutually agreed upon by everyone.

Signing Off MIAM


In some cases, mediation may not be the right choice for the family. In that case, the mediator, after assessing the situation, will provide an FM1, C100, Form A or Family Mediation 1 form. This allows the case to go on to the court. An FM1 form is only applicable for 4 months, after which a fresh session of mediation would be required before issuing a new FM 1 form.

“We settled outside of court - quickly and without the need to sit down together. Shuttle mediation was the way forward! ”

J. Cooke