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We are committed to offering families and businesses facing different challenges an alternative to the costly and uncertain court system.

Our family mediation are totally independent of courts; the conflicting parties can meet in a relaxed and pleasant environment to work out informed solutions to their problems.

Just divorce mediation service is able to resolve your disputes quickly and effectively.

We are national so no matter where are, you can choose us to resolve your differences through family mediation.

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family mediation services What they help with:

“We settled outside of court - quickly and without the need to sit down together. Shuttle mediation was the way forward! ”

G. Rogers

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Trusted Principles of family mediation

Mediation may be the tool to help families and businesses resolve conflicts.

Just divorce mediation service helps conflicting families and businesses reach agreements that keep the disputants in control of the results, instead of leaving the outcome up to attorneys and judges.

Your family mediator will start your mediation agreement individually via a MIAMS allowing you both to have your say. You may also be entitled to legal aid to help cover the costs of the mediation services.

Reach out to a mediator as soon as you need help sorting out some issues. Even if you have been separated for some time, or if your case has been presented in court, you can still benefit from mediation.

Some people often ask is a mediation agreement legally binding – it is not however it is vital as the first step to resolution and much more cost effective. You can take your agreement in principle to be made legally binding.