Financial Mediation Can Cut Through Time, Stress And Help To Maintain Relationships.


Mediation For Divorcing And Separating Couples

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The division of property is a challenging factor whenever a married or unmarried couple is considering divorce or separation.

Without the involvement of an expert or mediator, this issue might escalate to unimaginable levels that may lead to prolonged court appearances.

Such an occurrence is emotionally overwhelming, costly and time consuming for the parties involved.

Just Divorce Mediation helps people who are going through a divorce to overcome their financial difficulties by providing financial mediation services.

Mediation The Perfect Starting Point

The initial step in financial mediation is called financial disclosure.

The process involves identifying all the assets, mortgages, investments, and all insurance policies. Nothing is to be left out even if it’s pension, income or liabilities.

The collection of financial information is a vital process because it forms the basis for conducting mediation. When we have all this information, we are able to do our assessment before we can begin the discussions.

The good thing about the mediation process is that everybody is entitled to their opinion, and the mediator is a neutral party that is there to bring the two parties to a consensus.

Mediation can take from two to four sessions; the time taken to make a decision highly depends on the ease or complexity of the situation. 

Questions And Clarifications

As the mediator, we offer all the details to our clients involving what rights or limitations each of the party is entitled to.

This advice is offered after listening to both sides and making an assessment. The mediator plays an important role in filling any information gap.

The good thing about financial mediation is that you get a chance to ask questions, make suggestions, and come to an agreement with the other party no matter how difficult the situation is.

No Winners Or Losers
One thing that financial mediation tries to do is maintain a level ground for both parties.
We as the mediators are not part of the decision, but our main agenda is to help you come to an agreement.
The best thing about the mediation process is that any of the parties involved can opt-out if they find the mediation process not working, though this is a rare occurrence.
Mediation Eliminates One-On-One Arguments

For people who are going through a divorce, almost every discussion ends up becoming an argument.

These arguments are very unhealthy, especially if the couple has children who have to come into terms with the situation.

Mediation provides a good ground to discuss financial issues without having to involve personal feelings.

Once the two parties agree on the finances and property management, it becomes easier to complete the court process in the end.


Everything discussed during financial mediation is confidential; it can only be shared with a third party if the two parties wish to do so.

You can be assured that everything discussed in private is never known by anyone else.

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Things That Will Be Discussed During Mediation
Financial FAQS

Financial Mediation Helps With Eliminating Debt

The economic recession has caused great financial repercussions for people today, leading to great stress and uncertainty in the future.

A financial mediator can help those affected by this predicament make sense of it and come out of it financially intact.

Financial mediators are those who help in mediation of a financial dispute between parties concerned.

It involves negotiating and resolving a case in order to arrive at an amicable agreement regarding the amount to be paid to the lender or to the borrower. If you want to resolve your financial problems then you should look at availing the services of a financial mediator.

He or she will help you with the negotiation and resolution of the case in such a way that you do not lose anything.

Financial mediators, on behalf of the parties involved, try to find a solution between them, after identifying the various causes and problems that have contributed towards the financial breakdown in the first place.

They also try to identify the root cause behind the problem and then seek ways through which they can be resolved.

If you are dealing with a lender, you might want to consider hiring a financial adviser instead of hiring a mediator; a financial adviser has extensive experience in dealing with lenders and will help you get out of the financial mess.

Although it is not always possible, a financial adviser can help you save money because they have the expertise and the knowledge to negotiate better deals with the lenders.

If you are a borrower, it is also a good idea to hire a financial consultant.

This will help you in finding out whether you can get out of the burden of your financial problems without hiring a mediator.

The consultant will help you get out of the situation quickly so that you can continue living your life without any major financial headaches.

When it comes to debt settlement, hiring a financial consultant is a must for those looking forward to eliminate their debt.

These financial advisers use their expertise and knowledge to work out a fair deal for both the parties concerned. In many cases, you can get rid of the entire balance amount owed to the lender through debt settlement, but the amount depends upon how much the debtors owe to the lender. This is where the expertise of a financial adviser comes in.

Financial Mediation in Divorce is a legal method that has gained tremendous popularity over the last several years.

It is a way for one or more of the parties to seek a modification to their divorce contract that will help them better deal with the divorce proceedings and the other party’s rights as well.

Financial Mediation in Divorce involves a qualified professional mediator who meets with both parties in an unsupervised, confidential manner to help the parties in reaching an agreeable agreement.

When it comes to settling a dispute in today’s divorce, the majority of divorces are not finalized because the parties are unable to reach an agreement and settle their differences through negotiation and other means.

Financial mediation is often the first resort for parties who cannot agree to settle their disputes without seeking outside legal advice and assistance from an expert on family law and/or a mediator.

Financial mediators can be obtained by contacting a local law firm or financial management services company. Financial mediators are typically licensed by a state Bar Association and must meet standards that are similar to those of Certified Arbitrators.

Financial mediators are experienced in the area of Family Law and in negotiating financial agreements for their clients. They work with their clients and are very familiar with financial matters.

For more information about financial mediation, you should contact your local law office or other financial management company. Financial mediators should be able to provide you with information about when financial mediation will take place, the costs and whether they offer other options for resolving a case before the mediation takes place.

Many professional financial mediators are also available for in-home, on-line, and phone mediation. These types of mediation are available through a variety of companies and can range from free to around a hundred dollars per hour. Each financial mediator works in his or her own way and there may not be one that fits all. Before you work with any financial mediator, it is important to research all the available options and ask questions to ensure that they are experienced and can work with your case to best represent you.

Financial mediation is a great way to handle any type of dispute that requires the input of both sides to come to an agreement on how to resolve the case. If you are having financial difficulties, or if you just want to avoid an attorney-based litigation process, financial mediation may be a good choice.

Financial mediation, the economic slump has actually caused unfavorable monetary ramifications for all in today’s financial world bring about wonderful unpredictability as well as pain regarding tomorrow.

The UK’s banks, monetary lenders/organisations, their customers and also the general public have been impacted, with cutbacks, sky-high unemployment numbers at their greatest and also redundancies leading to millions coming to be knotted in the red and economic conflicts.

Whether you have an organization financial obligation dispute or an individual financial obligation, our economic mediation solutions can aid you get your financial resources back on course.

The first step to efficiently moderating financial concerns is to establish a complete as well as accurate photo of the entire circumstance.

In a separation, the legislation needs that any type of economic settlement is based on complete and frank disclosure of all pertinent economic details.

For single couples, it might also be worth embracing a comparable approach as the foundation of any settlement.

Financial disclosure needs you to detail all possessions, obligations, revenue and expenditure.

We have forms readily available to assist with this process. You require to establish an approximate date to which the economic info relates.