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Child Maintenance And How Mediation Can Help

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Can you not agree on the right payments for child maintenance?

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The process of separation and divorce can become quite stressful with heated moments at times, even more so if children are involved.

This is where we can help. Mediation can ease those stressful periods, especially when dealing with child maintenance.  

Child maintenance plays a crucial part in helping with the upbringing of a child/children from a divided family, i.e. when parents have separated.

The maintenance is an agreement created between both parents, it is a decision that can ultimately change a child’s life because it is where parents set agreements for who pays for what after the separation.

This type of support is only applicable for children under the age of 16 or under 20 if they are still in full-time education, but this does not include A-levels or the equivalent.


Mediation The Perfect Starting Point


child’s maintenance is usually paid via the parent that doesn’t have the full day-to-day care of their child/children and it makes a huge difference to how they live their lives.

When calculations are made for the maintenance it is based upon how many dependent children there are, and the total gross income.

However, this process isn’t always easy to go through and dealing with finances can make even the most simple separations a lot more stressful. See our fees

When dealing with child maintenance it doesn’t always have to go through the child maintenance services but if it does there is a £20 fee for the application of a calculation and then further charges if it isn’t processed through a direct payment option. 

The use of direct pay means that payments are paid between the two parties only and not through CMS in which these additional fees can occur.

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Just Divorce Mediation Work?

However, this can be very different if the care of the child/children is equally shared between both parties or one parent has the child/children on more of a weekly/nightly basis.

If this occurs then for an equal share of the child there is no maintenance to pay by either of the parents, but if the care is split by one parent having the child 1/2 nights a week then there is a reduction in the maintenance payments.

Going through this type of process means that calculations can be made exactly on what each individual is earning, without much room for challenges.

It is noted that this process can be very stressful to experience and sometimes the need for a mediator becomes imminent.

Family mediation provides guidance and assistance through these difficult times

By providing an insight into how this process can be dealt with efficiently and effectively, it can make these experiences easier to deal with.

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