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Why Parents Risk Losing Their Children by Turning Them against Former Partners?

Parental alienation includes one parent who is relentlessly passing negative information about the other parent to their children.

It also includes preventing a child to talk about the other parent, decisively restricting contact between the parent and their child, or influencing the child to think that the other parent stopped loving them.

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Additionally, specialists in divorce and child abuse cases have reported that destructive parental alienation ranges from mild to extreme.

In recent years, experts have developed a better image of the many ways in which parental alienation can manifest itself.

Parental alienation is undoubtedly child abuse or neglect when you consider the impact it can have.

The way a parent treats their children after a breakup or divorce is as strong public health concern such as drinking or smoking.

There is no specific criminal law which prohibits the parental alienation act in the UK. However, there is the family law, and after thorough enforcement proceedings, it is possible to punish the parents by sending them to prison or giving them other community sentences.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case since in the end the verdict on the parent rebounds on the child. It is also said that parental alienation contributes to some of the awful divorce cases.

Parental alienation features in about 11%-15% of the divorce cases that involve children. According to Cafcass reports, parental alienation contributes to about 80% of the most challenging divorce cases in the courts.

The CEO of Cafcass, Anthony Douglas, says that the act of brainwashing children against the other parent should be handled as seriously as child abuse or neglect.

Mediation Can Help In Parental Alienation

In the aftermath of a divorce, the children negotiations and changes to living arrangements can be a battleground.

The feelings are always running high, and the emotions are raw. However, some people finally adapt to these changes and move forward.

If you find it difficult to handle the situation, you can opt to seek mediation services.

Here are the advantages of mediation in parental alienation.


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