The Principles Of Family Are Really Straight Forward And Just Divorce Mediation Like To Keep It Simple For Couples

The Principles Of Family Mediation

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Many individuals can feel nervous and have worries about embarking upon family mediation.

However, family mediation is there to help the couple in a relaxed and impartial manner.

Below we explain the fundamental principles of family mediation so that you understand what is involved before your first meeting.

Mediation The Perfect Starting Point


Supportive Environment

Family mediation takes place in a helpful and supportive environment. Trained and professional family mediators work with couples who are encountering relationship difficulties. You cannot create legally binding agreement via this process but you can take the agreement to be made legally binding. The mediators help the family to try and reconcile their differences and to create the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Just Family mediation is very much about supporting all members of the family.

Confidential Mediation

Family mediation is confidential. This means that what is said during the mediation session cannot be used in court, or in other documents. The only rule when this does not apply is when someone is placed at risk, meaning that this confidence will be broken for the safety of that individual. During the mediation process, there is also a ‘no blame culture’ and all discussions are non-judgemental and non-prejudiced. Therefore couples are given a safe space in which to discuss their problems. Want mediation separate rooms?

No Pressure

Family mediation is voluntary and therefore no pressure is applied to either party. During the mediation process an individual may leave the room if they so wish, and most importantly, cannot be pressurised into making an agreement or commitment against their will. It is highly advised by the court that couples try mediation before going to court proceedings. four fundamental principles the first being voluntary process.

Impartial And Fair

The four principles of mediation that the family mediators will not take sides, as they are simply there to steer the discussion and to aid the mediation process. They will also not give any personal advice but will offer helpful information. Mediators are there to help the couple mediate with each other in a safe and friendly environment. Just Family mediation is also an incredibly fair process, as the parameters set by the mediators, is within the parameters of the law and hopefully both individuals can meet a resolution that is fair to both of them.

Make Decisions As A Couple

Family mediation is very much about giving control back to the couple, and that the couple can make a joint decision that is beneficial to both parties.

The family mediator who is present during the sessions will hand over control to the couple and will create an environment in which both individuals feel safe and free to express their own opinions.

Welfare Of Children

At the very heart of the family, mediation is the child, with the child being the primary focus.

The child's welfare and safety is always the top priority and the mediation process will strive towards the best possible outcome for that child. Family mediation encourages parents to work together for the best needs of the child.

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