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Step parents can feel desperate when relationships come to an end.

Find out how mediation can help.

Mediation for step Parents

There are many step-parents who are genuine and have a strong bond with their step-children.

But, what to do if the marriage breaks down?

What are the steps that can be followed by the step-parents to keep their relationship alive with their step-children?

Here are some of the main questions that can be raised by the step-parent after the breakdown of the marriage:

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What Can Do If My Ex Does Not Permit Me To Meet My Step-Children?


If communication and love have completely finished, then it will be difficult to communicate with the child’s biological parents.

But with the help of mediation, it might be possible and also it is always taken into consideration.
There are mediators who can provide special facilities for the step-parent to meet their step-children.

You can take help from the agreed agreements which are ensured by the court. In most of the cases, mediation can be taken into consideration before applying any application in the court. see our fees.

If Direct Communication Or Mediation Process Does Not, Then What Will Be The Next Step?

To take a good start, it is advised to take legal advice from a specialist in family law.

There is a high range of scope for reaching an agreement in a positive way.

However, it is possible that your solicitor will advise you to consider a court application or pursuing your ex-partner’s agreement so as to resolve the situation. 

What Are The Steps To Apply For A Court Application?

The application that you will apply will be particularly for “Child Arrangements Order”.

It is an order in which it will decide with the child will be living after the breakdown of the marriage or how much time will the ex-partner can spend with the child.

The step-parent can add their wish, such as overnight stays?

It will be difficult for the step-parent if the partners were not married.

Again, the person facing such a situation should go for legal advice.

Once the step-parent is satisfied with all the non-court options and the application is being accepted by the court, then the step-parent need to complete C100 form.

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