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Just Divorce Mediation Fees August 2022

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Just Divorce Mediation Prices 2022

A divorce can really be stressful events, particularly for children as it greatly affects their viewpoint regarding their relationship, love and family.

So, for this reason, this complicated situation should be handled carefully so that it may not harm anyone.

Moreover this becomes more stressful due to the number of expenses attached to it. The expenses of a divorce in UK court can be equal to the average annual salary of the person.

There must be some alternative for this problem as spending that much amount of money on such a miserable event is really a sin.

Some of the mediation sessions in UK have offered an affordable solution to resolve some of the problems with your ex-spouse.

The stress can be costlier than its whole as you will have to attend a number of sessions where problems and relationship issues will be discussed.

Open-ended procedures are offered in these sessions so that you can decide the number of your attendances to get desired results.

In order to avoid any outside disturbance these sessions are held between the mediator and the client. Your going-to-be ex partner and you will discuss the reasons and other things that caused your divorce at these sessions.

You will have to find out the best ways in these sessions to save your children from this stressful experience.

So you can peacefully divorce your ex-partner by solving all of your divorce related problems through mediation.

Mediation Prices - 2022


FM1/C100/Form A for court purposes. This is required prior to sending any application off to the court.


POA Preparation of open statement of financial information based on the details of the mediation meeting.

£99.00per person

Effective 2018 Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) This is done separately and confidentially.

from £60.00 per hour per person

Preparation of memorandum of understanding. We agree with couples the time and cost in advance.

£150/ person per joint session ( 90 minutes)

Joint Mediation meetings Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

from £60.00 per person

Preparation of parenting plan based around details of the mediation process.