Mediators against the forgotten victims of divorce

How Mediator Help the Forgotten Victims of Divorce Like Grandparents

Disagreements are a normal issue between a couple, and most often than not, it can be solved. But there are circumstances that two people cannot agree on most things anymore. It leads to the couple divorcing, which sometimes could be the better decision than having a continuous dispute. With this, not only the couple but their family is affected by their situation. And now, how will they resolve this problem? Does a mediator a big help to them? For more information click here to find out more for grandparents.

Who is affected with divorce?

The child suffers the most in the divorce of their parents. The child’s relationship with the father, mother, and siblings are affected. They are hurt emotionally, and they struggle in understanding why such things happen. They become stressed out on the way of its process, and on how will they adjust in their situation. The child receives less support from their parents like financial, emotional, and physical. It also affects their education, trust, and become different and changes the way they mingle with others. To find out more click here!

However, it’s not only the child that is affected, but the Grandparents as well. They also suffer from the divorce of their child. They are the so-called forgotten victims of the divorce. It may seem that they are less affected, but they’re not. They also suffer from the situation because they will have no more chance of seeing their grandchild. Because of the divorce, the child custody may be with the mother or the father depending on the circumstances. So, there are instances that they move from other places far from their grandparents.

How does mediation work for the victims of the divorce?

Having a dispute with your partner sometimes is hard to resolve. So, therefore, mediation would be your option in resolving your issues. Without the presence of the legal proceedings, a mediator would do. The mediator should have experience in mediating in cases like divorce and a professional on issues concerning the matter. To help both parties find the probable solution for their issues. The one who will stand in the middle for the two parties, opening and ending questions in finding each other’s goals, and reach a mutual agreement from the two in what they have discussed.

With the help of the mediator, he or she can open the chance of what will happen about the affected family. The chance to let the family, the children, and the grandparents speak for what they also feel. With this opportunity, the father, mother, child, grandparents, and others involved would have the freedom to state what they want. In doing so, it will be easier to make a decision that is surely agreeable with all the person involved.

The job of the mediator is to stand firm during the process and keep an unbiased position to both parties, and then decide. You are making a decision that is based on what both parties want. Hiring a mediator for your issue like the divorce is essential but not required before placing the problem to the court. You can try the help of a mediator to resolve the issue. If one of the parties do not agree with it, then you can apply it on the court, which may turn into more stressful, time-consuming, and costly, too.

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